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1822 Blake St Denver, CO 80202 - View Map

5-10 PM Sun-Thurs
5-11 PM Fri-Sat

Happy Hour:
5-6:30 PM Everyday
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$5 Parking Available
After 4 PM Everyday
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1332 18th Street
(18th and Market St.)
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About Vesta

In July of 1997, Vesta Dipping Grill opened in the emerging Lodo district of downtown Denver with a unique name and intriguing concept. The name, derived from Vesta (the Roman Goddess of the hearth), was meant to conjure feelings of warmth and family gathering. Hearth fires, as described in Roman mythology, represented the center of the home, providing an oven to prepare meals as well as warmth to gather friends and family. This imagery sparked many of the design elements in the bar and dining room and inspired the concept of the kitchen's exposed grill. (See more about Vesta's design here.)

The original Vesta Dipping Grill concept focused on grilled meats inspired by preparations from around the world. These dishes were paired with your choice of sauces, served on the side, also inspired from cuisines across the globe. Chutneys, salsas, marmalades, aiolis, and more, competed for attention from a list of over 30. While the list of exotic dipping sauces remains, the soul of Vesta’s menu has evolved to embrace seasonal, fresh ingredients prepared with a focus on technique. And while the wide variety of skewered dishes from the original menu are now only part of Vesta’s history, the grill still remains at the core of the kitchen.

More recently, Sommelier and General Manager, Eric Dutton has built a bar program to match the Vesta’s menu. To reflect Denver’s great culture of micro-brewing and distilling, Vesta offers an ever-growing selection of world class beers and the best, locally-produced spirits. The wine list receives perennial recognition of excellence from Wine Spectator magazine, and the Sommelier Journal featured Vesta’s barrel-aged cocktail program as a leader in the field.

Perhaps the most telling awards on Vesta’s mantle are their multiple ‘Best 1st Date in Denver’ awards -- an indication that Vesta combines a beautiful, sexy interior; warm but unobtrusive service; and a dining experience worthy of putting your best foot forward. But the achievement that trumps all others for Vesta is that the restaurant has become a go-to destination for guests celebrating special occasions or hosting friends and family from out of town. In that sense, Vesta Dipping Grill truly embodies the essence of the hearth -- a place where delicious meals are prepared, and friends and family gather by the warmth of the fire.